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Jungle Heat wiki rules


Jungle Heat uses Docu Wiki engine. Help and F.A.Q. for making pages, syntax, and other technical documents can be found at Docu Wiki.
This page describes the details of the Jungle Heat wikipedia, the structure of the pages used by technical sheets and wishes to the content pages.

Post editing

  1. Almost all of the pages can be edited by any registered users
  2. Invalid information (obscene language, insults), or information that is not relevant to the context of the article or Jungle Heat will be deleted. Users, who will break these rules, will be baned.


  1. List of all the languages is ​​available on all pages in the upper left corner. If the current page is translated to other languages​​, this languages are blue highlighted in the list .
  2. New page, created on a languge from the list, will use defoult template.
  3. To create links to pages on a particular language, you must specify it before the page name
[[ru:start]] - This will create a link on the home page in Russian
[[es:start]] - This will create a link on the home page in Spanish

Product page

Links for pages, listing buildings, troops, etc, have to be marked with a special tag. Tag for each language is unique. Read more about tags on wiki engine page

frame_linksPrimary links are displayed on the pages of Defense, Army, Resources, Others и Troops
frame_buildingsListed buildings are displayed on the pages of descriptions of buildings. For example, Cannon.
frame_troopsListed troops appear on the pages of descriptions of the troops. For instance, Slasher.

Information button are placed on a separate page and can be inserted with the command page . More details about the implementation of the contents of one page to another page is specified on wiki engine.

pic_finishnowInstant upgrade
pic_cancelCancel upgrade
frame_picsCombine pages pic_info, pic_upgrade, pic_finishnow и pic_cancel
pic_collectoCollect oil
pic_collectgCollect gold
pic_requestRequest troops
pic_reqnowInstant request troops
pic_researchSelect troop impruvement
pic_trainTrain troops
pic_speedtrainInstant training troops
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