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Rally point

Troops trained at the barracks rally here. Upgrade the Rally point to increase capacity. The more rally points you have the more Troops you can have.


LevelTroops CapacityHealthUpgrade timeUpgrade Cost
1204001 min230 Oil
23050030 min2.300 Oil
3356002 hours9.000 Oil
4407006 hours90.000 Oil
5458001 day250.000 Oil
65010003 days850.000 Oil
75512005 days2.300.000 Oil

How many of these can I have?

Command Center Level123456789
Number of Rally Points112233444


- Display information about object (for example Level, damage, HP, Targets, Full information and other).

- Upgrade object to next level if you have enough Resources and a free builder. When object is at maximum level this button is not shown.

- Finish the current progress for the upgrade of the displayed value of diamonds. Show only if upgrade is process.

- Cancel current upgrade. Show only if upgrade is process. Return 50% of upgrade cost.

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