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Missile launcher that hits on aerial targets. Upgrade the Jericho to increase firepower.

  • Summary
    • Jericho can only target and shoot one air troop at a time.


RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeTarget Unit TypeSize
101sSingle TargetAir3×3

Upgrade Costs:

LevelViewCostDamage Per SecondHealthUpgrade Time
121,000 8080016 hours
285,000 11086016 hours
3250,000 1409001 day
4500,000 1609404 days
5900,000 1909908 days
62,000,000 230104010 days
76,000,000 280110012 days
88,000,000 320116014 days
99,000,000 360125014 days

How many of these can I have?

Command Center Level12345678910
Number of Jerichos0001113344


- Display information about object (for example Level, damage, HP, Targets, Full information and other).

- Upgrade object to next level if you have enough Resources and a free builder. When object is at maximum level this button is not shown.

- Finish the current progress for the upgrade of the displayed value of diamonds. Show only if upgrade is process.

- Cancel current upgrade. Show only if upgrade is process. Return 50% of upgrade cost.

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