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Command center

The heart of the base. Destroying the enemy Command Center ensures victory in combat. Place your Command Center in the middle of your base and protect it in every way possible. Upgrading the Command Center will give you access to new buildings.


LevelCost(Gold)HealthUpgrade Time
290016005 m
33.60018503 hr
423.000210016 hr
5120.00024001 day
6600.00028003 days
71.500.00032007 days
82.500.00037009 days
94.500.000420011 days
106.000.000500014 days


- Display information about object (for example Level, damage, HP, Targets, Full information and other).

- Upgrade object to next level if you have enough Resources and a free builder. When object is at maximum level this button is not shown.

- Finish the current progress for the upgrade of the displayed value of diamonds. Show only if upgrade is process.

- Cancel current upgrade. Show only if upgrade is process. Return 50% of upgrade cost.

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