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Clan HQ

Troops that are sent by the members of your clan are located here. These troops can attack or defend. Upgrade the Clan HQ to increase its capacity.

  • Summary


LevelCostHealthCapacityUpgrade Time
110.00050051 min
240.0001000+5 (10)10 min
3150.0001400+5 (15)8 hours
41.000.0002000+5 (20)2 days
52.000.0002600+5 (25)4 days


- Display information about object (for example Level, damage, HP, Targets, Full information and other).

- Upgrade object to next level if you have enough Resources and a free builder. When object is at maximum level this button is not shown.

- Finish the current progress for the upgrade of the displayed value of diamonds. Show only if upgrade is process.

- Cancel current upgrade. Show only if upgrade is process. Return 50% of upgrade cost.

- Requesting troops from Clan members. All requests showing in Clan chat.

- Requesting troops from Clan members without 20 min. timer.

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