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Fires at enemy ground forces. Upgrade the Cannon to increase firepower. Cannon cannot defend your base during its upgrade.

  • Summary
    • The Cannon is able to rotate in a full 360 degrees.


RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeTarget Unit TypeSize
90.8sSingle ShotGround3×3

Upgrade Costs:

LevelViewCostDamage Per SecHealthUpgrade Time
123084001 min
29001045010 min
33,6001550030 min
415,000185501 hour
540,000255904 hours
680,0003061010 hours
7160,0004063016 hours
8500,000476601 day
91,000,000556903 days
102,000,000657505 days
113,500,000759007 days

How many of these can I have?

Command Center Level123456789
Number of Cannons222333555


- Display information about object (for example Level, damage, HP, Targets, Full information and other).

- Upgrade object to next level if you have enough Resources and a free builder. When object is at maximum level this button is not shown.

- Finish the current progress for the upgrade of the displayed value of diamonds. Show only if upgrade is process.

- Cancel current upgrade. Show only if upgrade is process. Return 50% of upgrade cost.

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